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World premiere in Stuttgart

30th of November 2015
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World premiere in Stuttgart: Search for, book and pay for car sharing, taxi, Deutsche Bahn and, for the first time, regional local public transport journeys with the moovel mobility app

  • moovel is the first provider to enable the booking and payment of online tickets for regional local public transport, in addition to car2go, Flinkster, mytaxi and Deutsche Bahn journeys, directly in the app.
  • Transport Minister Winfried Hermann: "The future belongs to multi-modal mobility platforms: Apps such as moovel help make the designing of mobility in cities easier and more sustainable."
  • The new headquarters of the moovel group in the city center of Stuttgart promotes cross-functional operations and agile development .

With the full integration of online tickets for the Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (SSB), moovel is the first provider to offer a complete "one-stop-shop" for urban mobility: It is now possible to directly and easily book and pay for journeys with the various means of transport included in the Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund Stuttgart (VVS) via a new interface to the SSB Ticket Shop.

At the presentation of the latest generation of the moovel app, Transport Minister Winfried Hermann commented: "The future belongs to multi-modal mobility platforms: Apps such as moovel help make the designing of mobility in cities easier and more sustainable."
Robert Henrich, CEO of the moovel Group GmbH: "The Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG is an important sales partner and, together with the urban railway, the buses, the S-Bahn and the regional train traffic, is the backbone of mobility in Stuttgart. Already since the start of the first moovel pilot project, the regional local public transport timetable information of the VVS and the sale of VVS tickets via the SSB online shop have been central elements in our mobility app. With the latest generation of the moovel app, we can demonstrate together with the SSB for the first time in Stuttgart how much easier smartphones make mobility in cities. Our one-stop-shop for urban mobility is the only one of its kind in the world."
Stefanie Haaks, Commercial Director of SSB: "moovel is the first and, up to now, only online agency for the SSB. For the SSB, the cooperation with moovel is an additional method to gain new regional local public transport users and to turn infrequent customers into frequent customers. The moovel app is directed at a different target group as that which already purchases via the established VVS app and SSB Fahrinfo. The aim of the SSB and VVS is to become involved in the choice of mode of transport of our current non- and infrequent users and to present the regional local public transport as an attractive alternative."

Search for, book and pay for mobility with a single app

The mobility app from the Daimler subsidiary shows users the best route to their destination: The free iOS and Android mobility app combines local public transport, the car-sharing providers car2go and Flinkster, mytaxi, rental bicycles and Deutsche Bahn. Using the moovel app, car2go, Flinkster, mytaxi and Deutsche Bahn can be booked and paid for simply and directly throughout Germany. In Stuttgart, VVS single and short distance tickets are now also available - the booking and payment of the VVS tickets in the moovel app is so easy: If a connection search is carried out in the moovel search function, the app proposes the purchase of the appropriate VVS ticket for the desired journey. Consequently, the user is already mobile after just two clicks. Tickets can also be simply added and purchased for additional passengers. The tickets are then provided in the app and can be called up as necessary. The billing between moovel and the SSB takes place in the background without any further login procedure for the customer. The "Stuttgart model" will be introduced in other German cities next year.
Since the beginning of 2015, long-distance journeys with the Deutsche Bahn can be directly booked and paid for. The mobile ticket for the Deutsche Bahn is stored in the app and also sent to the customer by e-mail. moovel was hence one of the first Deutsche Bahn partners to make the ticket available on the smartphone.

New company, new location

On 1 October, 2015, the business operations of the moovel mobility platform were transferred to a new, independent company – the moovel Group GmbH. The new headquarters of the company is in the city center of Stuttgart. The design of the new office space and the organization of the working cooperation is based on the latest knowledge from the working world. For the location at Hauptstätter Straße 149, a well-balanced "new work" concept was developed to take into account the individual requirements of different work types. The focus was on an increase in creativity and productivity and the development of a strong corporate culture. Subsequently, both workspaces for concentrated work and team spaces for cooperative work are included. Inspired by flexible, modern organizational structures - particularly from the field of start-ups - employees work together in project-oriented, dynamic "squads". The work in squads allows the very latest technological and market developments to be quickly incorporated and implemented.

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